The dangerous truth about the ‘itinerary’ ski runs involved in the death of two Britons

Off piste runs, such as the spectacular Vallée Blanche in Chamonix, come with a risk Credit: monica dalmasso

Being caught in an avalanche is something that no skier or snowboarder wants to experience – and which ski resorts do their utmost to prevent. Avalanches are most likely to occur away from the avalanche-protected marked and prepared pistes, in ungroomed off-piste terrain. But sometimes, the line between what is piste and off piste is blurred. 

The concern has been highlighted by a recent coroner’s inquiry into the deaths of two British lawyers; Matt Ziegler, 43, and Katherine Clarke, 39, who worked for Barclays, were killed in an avalanche in February this year. The coroner ruled that they had died in an unfortunate accident, and that the Italian ski resort of Courmayeur where it happened was...

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