Top 25 plants to grow in summer

Best plants for summer-time - including the paeonia lactiflora
Credit: J S Sira/GAP Photos

Summer is the only time you can host barbecues in the garden and say "Oh, it's really nothing" when your friends compliment you on your gorgeous borders. Internally, of course, you'll be glowing like a geranium with pride. 

It's the season where the weather turns warmer, sunlight levels are at their highest, and blooms pop with colour in response. Yellows, pale pinks and azure blues mix with impressive foliage at that time of year.

But with so many potential shrubs to plant for summer time, we can get garden FOMO. Whether you are new to gardening or just want a change from planting the same seeds every year, this is Val Bourne's shortlist of the 25 best plants to take prime position in your garden...

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