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Three blazing red-hot pokers, chosen by plant-hunter Lark Hanham

The aptly named red-hot pokers are an architectural option for any stately garden. Their long-lived nature means they are rewarding perennials, earning the space they require to thrive.  Their distinctive upright stems hold upright blooms above spiky grass-like foliage which splays outwards from rounded clumps. These strong-stemmed perennials don’t only provide a long-lasting floral display in the garden, their robust stems also make exceptional cut-flowers. Deadheading should be done promptly after flowering to encourage successional blooms, although those in the know, also leave the last flush of flowers to enjoy their autumnal silhouettes through winter. In a few years once these plants root down and settle, they will produce a blazing display of colour late in the year but plant in full-sun and well-drained soils.

Kniphofia Tawny king AGM

Kniphofia Tawny King AGM Credit: © Visions BV, Netherlands / VisionsPictures & Photography

Despite its regal name, the delicately coloured Tawny King makes a lovely addition to the late-summer border. Its overall habit is somewhat spreading, which means it makes a formidable clump of weed-suppressing foliage and its very tall stems make it demand presence. Its flowering time is ideal as it commences as other plants start to fade and go over in July. Its orange, amber and cream colouring is subtle and understated. Height 1.2m and spread 1m.

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Kniphofia rooperi AGM

Kniphofia rooperi AGM Credit: ©Garden World Images/Adrian James

Descriptively referred to as having rounded, fat, spherical flowers, this award-winning specimen is ideal for planting in larger sunnier borders. Its impressive wands of brilliant-orange and gold flowers rise from robust arching evergreen foliage from June to September and, once established, it makes an eye-catching specimen. Very easy to grow, it multiplies through division. Height 1.5m and spread 1m. Hardy to -15°C.

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Kniphofia Citrina

Kniphofia citrina Credit: ©Garden World Images

Citrina is one of our best-selling varieties. Its loved for its striking lemony colouration which fades to white and its erect habit, means you can shoe-horn it into any over-filled border. It forms neat clumps of strap-like leaves and its flowers first arrive in June and continue into September with impressive vigour. Height 75cm and spread 60cm.

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