Greed, review: Steve Coogan's satire of the filthy rich is torn between lecturing and sniggering

Steve Coogan with Isla Fisher (l) and Asa Butterfield (r) in a scene from Greed
Steve Coogan with Isla Fisher (l) and Asa Butterfield (r) in a scene from Greed Credit: Sony

Dir: Michael Winterbottom. Cast: Steve Coogan, David Mitchell, Isla Fisher, Dinita Gohil, Tim Key, Shirley Henderson, Sophie Cookson, Shanina Sheik, Asa Butterfield, Sarah Solemani, Asim Chaudri. Cert: TBC. Time: 104 min.

The name of Steve Coogan’s narcissistic billionaire in Greed, widely believed to be broadly modelled on high-street fashion mogul Sir Philip Green, gives you that sinking feeling. It’s Sir Rich “Greedy” McCready. 

He sounds like a bad character Martin Amis might have devised in his early career, when he was writing books called Success or Money. McCready is very much a product of that greed-is-good epoch. In Winterbottom’s flailing satire, he’s about to celebrate his 60th birthday...

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